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The essay grader platform is an online software application to check your writing for any kinds of grammatical or other mistakes and polish it into a professional piece of text. It offers a range of features to tweak your content and is available for free to access round the clock

Why Should Students and Teachers Use Our Essay Checker?

The roles of teachers and students are mostly related to a range of writing activities for their research, routine assignments, exams, essays, case studies, and others. Students need thesis check for errors to get better grades while the teachers have to assess for ratings. They should use an online essay checker and corrector for numerous reasons such as:

  • Accuracy – The results offered by our online essay checker and grader are highly accurate and reliable.
  • Faster feedback – The essay grader online tool provides instant feedback about the mistakes in your paper; thus, using an online essay grader saves you huge time.
  • Plagiarism detection – Teachers and students can easily detect and remove plagiarized content through an online tool.
  • Continual learning – By analyzing the corrective suggestions offered by automatic essay grader, you can continually improve your editing and proofreading skills
  • Comprehensive solution – Our essay grader for teachers free is a comprehensive writing solution for both teachers and students to detect all kinds of writing issues and grammatical mistakes under one roof.
  • Saves substantial money – One of the best essay grader tools saves costs for teachers and students because it is free of charge.
  • Deeper insight – Students and teachers can have a deeper insight into the text, tone, effectiveness, reading easiness, and other factors that make writings highly valuable through our free online essay grader application.
  • Objective assessment – Teachers can analyze and provide feedback more objectively based on certain criteria through our online essay grader for students free platform.
  • Multiple drafts feedback – Online platforms support feedback on multiple drafts for revision and re-grading of the text.

What Are the Main Rules to Write and Grade My Essay?

There are different types of essays governed by different customized rules and criteria. The most important rules of essay writing include:

  • Objectivity – The essay should be objective and talk about content in the third person while maintaining fairness and balance
  • Sentence structures – The structure of a sentence should be complete without any fragments, run-on, or other sentence issues.
  • Avoid contractions – Avoid contracted words such as wouldn’t, don’t, isn’t, and others because essays are formal writings and such informal contractions should be avoided.
  • Don’t use slang – Using slang in essays make them an informal type of writing, which is not desirable in formal writing.
  • Avoid repetition – Always refrain from using similar phrases or words repetitively, try to use alternative words if needed to repeat the words or phrases.
  • Abbreviations should be avoided – Using the short forms of words such as the UK, US, or others should be avoided. Full words should be written instead.
  • No poetic expressions – Poetic expressions and idioms should be avoided in the formal writing of essays.

By using our essay checker free tool, you can tweak your essay in line with those basic rules of essay writing easily.   

What Errors Can Our Essay Rater Correct That Are Common in Essays Writing?

The most common mistakes made by the writers in English essays include:

  • Content errors – These mistakes relate to the structure and format of an essay such as starting point, conclusion, the body of the essay, details, and logical argument and information.
  • Content style – This category of mistakes deals with excessive use of passive voice, extra-large sentences, repetitive words, mixing up of formal and informal words, etc.  
  • Grammatical mistakes – Misuses in the relationship between nouns and pronouns, verb-subject disagreements, tense shifts, forms of verb issues, subject-predicate disagreements, and others.
  • Reference style – Errors in citation and references in a particular style suggested by the professor or teacher fall in this category.
  • Spelling and punctuation – Both of them are very common in essays, especially written by writers who use English as a second language (ESL).
  • Sentence structure – The errors like sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and order of the phrases and clauses are included in this category of mistakes.
  • Vocabulary issues – The use of words incorrectly or choosing the wrong word for a particular requirement, and misusing of homonyms are a few main mistakes in this category.

Charges: Essay Checking Services Vs Free Automatic Essay Grader Programs

There are numerous editing and proofreading services that can cost you starting from $8 per 100 words to $20 per 100 words even more. The turnaround time is also long with a minimum of 5 to 8 hours. As compared to essay checking manual services, you can use our online paper grader free tool in the basic version. Our premium subscription with full features is also very reasonable.