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Get rid of spelling issues
Fix your grammatical errors
Eliminate punctuation issues
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Paper grader is an online software platform that can check your papers, thesis, reports, articles, essays, and other types of writings for all kinds of writing issues and help you correct them automatically

Why Submit Your Paper Free of Mistakes via Paper Rater?

It is very important to submit your paper once you are 100% sure that your paper is fully checked with an online English paper grader to detect and fix all types of mistakes and contains no writing issues at all in your paper due to:

  • The error-free paper helps you earn full marks and high grades on exams
  • It will increase your writing reputation among your friends, colleagues, and teachers significantly
  • A high-quality paper enhances the confidence level in your personality hugely  
  • That helps you make your point and opinion louder and clearer to the reader
  • You may get awards and scholarships and other chances for further studies
  • Provides you with the chances of good job placement and other professional opportunities
  • A paper free from all kinds of writing errors helps readers understand research work effectively
  • And much more

Our specialized paper checker free tool can help you create a paper free from all kinds of errors in one place.

Top Benefits of Using an Online Paper Grader Vs Manual Checking Yourself

Using my paper rater online tool to grade my paper offers a range of advantages as compared to checking it yourself manually such as:

  • Time-saving – Our online paper rater is available round the clock to use without waiting in long queues. You can save substantial valuable time by checking your text at any time from anywhere in the world.
  • Cost-saving – You can use our paper checker for no charge in the basic subscription and at a very small charge in the premium version. You save substantial hard-earned money by using our free online paper checker
  • Reliable results – Powered by advanced technologies such as machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and artificial intelligence (AI), our specialized paper thesis grader for students offers highly reliable results that you can trust without any hesitation at all.
  • Unlimited checks – Our online paper grader calculator allows an unlimited number of checks. You can repetitively check your writings for different types of errors, again and again, to make sure you checked them comprehensively after every revision in the text you make.
  • Available always and everywhere – The availability of our online platform is very high as much as 99.99% or even more. Thus, you can access it round the clock through a supported web browser from anywhere across the world.
  • Comprehensive solution – You get a fully consolidated writing solution through our paper grader online free tool. It can find and fix a range of writing mistakes such as grammatical issues, punctuation and spelling, active and passive misuses, prepositional phrase mistakes, subject-verb disagreements, tense shifting in sentences and paragraphs, and much more
  • Tone detection – The nature of your text to leave a good impression on the readers is very important in any kind of writings to achieve the desired objectives. Our online paper grader free tool can detect the tone of your text and help you gauge the effectiveness of your text for the targeted audience. This enhances the value of your paper substantially for achieving the desired targets perfectly
  • Plagiarism detection – Submitting your paper with plagiarized content is a moral and legal crime. Our online paper rater free platform helps you detect any kinds of plagiarized text in your writing so that your paper is free from any kinds of plagiarized content.

Comparison of Market Rates: Online Paper Grader for Students Vs Hiring Professional Service

The prices of purchasing editing and proofreading services through professional editors are very high as compared to using online automated paper checker platforms. The editing comes in different categories such as

  • Copy editing
  • Substantive editing
  • Impact scientific editing
  • And others

The average rates of the above types of editing are different ranging from $10 to $300 dollars for about 1000 words of your text. Thus, you need substantial money to get your paper edited and proofread by professional service providers.

Almost all online paper grader tools are available for free with basic features and capabilities and the premium plans with full features can be accessed in the range of just $10 to $20 per month. Thus, using online paper and essay checker and corrector tools is much more affordable than using professional services for getting your papers edited.